Panel Manufacturing


• Floor standing and indoor type, modular

• Main distribution panels produced as the outdoor type and construction site type

• Industry sector

• Industrial facilities

• It is used to control the system in the most proper way in all fields requiring LV power control, especially smart buildings and transformer substations.

• Synchronization (Generator) panels

• Mains - generator transfer switch

• In applications up to 4000 A in main distribution panels, the system is designed by considering the dynamic force occurred by on/off switching maneuvers of high breaking capacity circuit breakers, electrolytic copper busbars are calculated according to the total power and short-circuit currents and they are supported in distances in accordance with the world standards.

• The projects of our panels designed by our expert staff are conceptualized and thereafter, taken into production in the project department. Our panels, of which the quality and controls are carried out meticulously at every phase of production, are put through general and precise testing before shipment and delivered to our customers with maximum safety.

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